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The "National Day" golden week, which is expected by many home shopping malls and brand merchants, is coming. In this short period of time, the reporter visited some home shopping malls and brand stores and learned that in these days, brand merchants can be described as "Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing their magic", and various discount and promotional activities are emerging in endlessly, hoping to offer lower discounts, better services More gifts to win the "favor" of consumers

what household stores and brands expect “ Xi ” The golden week is coming. In these short days, the reporter visited some home shopping malls and brand stores and learned that in these days, brand businesses can be described as “ The eight immortals cross the sea and each shows his magic power ”, A variety of discount promotions are emerging in endlessly, hoping to win the attention of consumers with lower discounts, better services and more gifts “ Visit &rdquo

cabinet promotion “ Greasy ” Summary

coincides with holidays and has always been a competitive red sea business opportunity. Many businesses have also launched a wide range of promotional activities, making consumers dizzy and confused; At present, the integration of cabinet appliances has gradually become the mainstream spending trend in the cabinet market, which not only meets the convenience of consumers' one-stop shopping, but also maximizes the benefits of merchants. Many promotional activities include it in the overall planning and arrangement; At this time, some manufacturers are lack of integrity, and promotional activities are often shoddy. They often hide behind the scenes, and consumers can't account for it. In fact, spending money doesn't buy benefits. For this, consumers should be very careful and do “ Shop around ”, Don't be impulsive and avoid falling into the tempting promotion trap

digital games, wool comes from sheep

people often see “ Straight down 2000 yuan &rdquo& ldquo; Direct reduction of 3000 yuan ” This is “ Vibration ” The promotion of the product made consumers feel that they had picked up a big bargain. But have these products really fallen so much

in fact, this is a number game that businesses often play with consumers on weekdays. For example, in the off-season of sales, it doesn't matter whether the price of hot products is deliberately high, whether they can be sold or not, and then casually find an interface and start discounting. In fact, the discounted price is the real retail price

in addition, there are other manufacturers' hobbies “ Raise the price first, then discount ”, For example, if the price of a certain cabinet electric appliance is increased by 1000 yuan first, and then the advertisement of decreasing by 1000 yuan is made during the promotion, the original price is still the same, but the consumers feel that the price reduction is very large, thus stimulating the cost

word games, after all, the inside story of the right to explain

in order to attract consumers, many manufacturers have made extremely attractive promotional advertisements. What “ 1 fold &rdquo& ldquo; Lifetime warranty &rdquo& ldquo; Buy cabinets and give electrical appliances ” Wait, but many consumers invent it after actual experience. It's actually difficult to really enjoy these benefits

for example, those who spend money receive “ Buy a cupboard with 9999 yuan and give a microwave oven ” Advertising attracted me, so I bought a set of cabinet with 9999 yuan. When asking the business to give the microwave oven, he was told that the cabinet he bought was not within the scope of receiving the gift. When you look at the advertisement, you find that there is a small bracket in the end of the advertisement, which says “ Limited models ”, Take advantage of the loopholes that the consumer didn't pay attention to

promotional advertisements of a brand are displayed “ For one-stop shopping of cabinet electrical products, cabinets with more than 9998 yuan will get 1998 yuan of electrical appliances ”, Feel very attractive. You can only know when you ask at the store that after purchasing the brand for 9998 yuan, you will get a coupon with a face value of 1998 yuan, which includes vouchers with a face value of 5 yuan, 10 yuan and 50 yuan. If the consumer wants to apply these vouchers, he must purchase the goods specified by the mall and spend a certain amount, and he can only apply one voucher at a time. This means that if consumers want to get the benefit of 1998 yuan, they must buy another set of cabinets

cruel facts are discounted “ Greasy ” In recent years, with a large number of hardware cabinet brands pouring out of the market, especially the emergence of powerful brands, there has been unprecedented fierce competition in the hardware cabinet market. In this market situation, “ Discount &rdquo& ldquo; Lowest price &rdquo& ldquo; Cost price ” And other slogans have become the means for some cabinet brands to seize the market. However, some experts pointed out that “ Greasy ”, Consumers should be careful to distinguish between true and false

according to experts, cabinet discounts are difficult to reflect the true nature of cabinets, but often confuse consumers' originally calm minds. For example, a brand's overall cabinet is publicly marked with a discount of 20% or less, but in fact, it may be in materials “ Inferior to others ” Or size “ Short weight ”. For example, the box of white light board and imported wood grain board is the same size, but the cost difference is nearly 50%; The European standard size of the hanging cabinet is 72 cm high, which is fundamentally different from the cost of 60 cm and 50 cm high hanging cabinets. The price of imported hardware is several times different from that of domestic hardware. What's more, some companies use their own cabinets to reduce the price compared with others' fully configured cabinets

take a variety of cabinet materials for example. Now many salesmen of integral cabinets recommend high-end materials to consumers first, such as crystal ×& times; Plate, silver drill ×& times; Plate, “ Do you think it's expensive? Particleboard is also good. It can be cheaper ”. worse off than some, better off than many. Relatively speaking, many consumers will accept it. The countertop should account for a large part of the cost of the whole cabinet. Take a cabinet with a linear meter quotation of 1800 yuan. If you use the best artificial stone countertops made in China, it will cost more than 700 yuan. However, at present, the technological level of domestic artificial stones is mixed. Some poor domestic artificial stones only need 300 to 500 yuan per linear meter, and it is difficult for even industry insiders to see any significant difference in the appearance of these stones. A table top can have a price difference of hundreds of yuan per linear meter, which provides a lot of adjustment space for the profits of merchants

the bottom plate of the cabinet is also “ Greasy ” Heavy. For example, when many salespeople introduce products, they usually say that they use moisture-proof boards. After special treatment, the moisture-proof effect is good, and of course, the price is slightly expensive. But in fact, insiders know that the most important thing of cabinets is to do a good job of waterproof the countertop and connect the water pipe. The requirements for moisture-proof are not high, so there is no floor drain in many kitchens. The so-called moisture-proof board is actually just a treatment of ordinary medium density board. Moreover, in terms of cost, moisture-proof board and particleboard are much lower than other boards in terms of processing difficulty, auxiliary materials and mechanical losses. It can be seen that many businesses use consumers' inexperience to “ Mongolian &rdquo

if accessories in the cabinet are labeled with “ Foreign imports &rdquo& ldquo; Technical patents ”, The price suddenly doubled several times. For example, the price of a top-down seasoning column of a brand with a cost of no more than 100 yuan is more than 1600 yuan

Reporter tip: in the specific purchase process, the price is only a reference index, which can only have reference value when the material, configuration grade and workmanship are equivalent. To a certain extent, choosing a cabinet brand with greater brand awareness and strong strength will have greater quality assurance





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