Pay attention to Feng Shui when decorating stairs

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The decoration of stairs will affect the Feng Shui aura and our fortune; So in Feng Shui, what is the stress of decorating stairs? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

pay attention to the feng shui of decorating stairs

avoid the feng shui of decorating stairs

1. The number of steps of stairs

the number of steps of stairs should take into account the height of the floor and the height of a single step, as well as the good or bad luck of the number of steps, generally “ Prosperity and death ” The last step on the platform is to “ Sheng ” Or “ Prosperous ” Word decision, avoid “ Death ” And “ Absolutely ” Word decision

2. Do not face the gate directly at the entrance of the stairs

because the stairs themselves are section by section, if “ Qi ” As soon as you enter the door, if you meet the stairs first, the stairs will be cut horizontally, or “ Qi ” Cut it all off, or make “ Qi ” It cannot be smooth and disturbs the aura. When the aura is disordered, the general environment in the room is naturally no better

3. Stairs should be set in the position of wealth.

stairs are the most obvious and key factor affecting wealth. If stairs are in the position of wealth, the effect of promoting wealth will be very good. No matter how high or small the stairs are, they are all regarded as water. From the perspective of the dark sky, they should be placed at the gate of the city and be the God of the water dragon. From the perspective of Hacienda, we should put anger, prolong life, and natural medicine. According to the viewpoint of nine stars flying, it should be in the angry side and the prosperous side

4. Decoration beneficial to the feng shui of stairs

now many friends buy houses and live. It is impossible to change the house after it is built, and the best way is to resolve it. We can change the color of the wall, such as painting, hanging mural posters, etc; You can also hang some mascots at the door, such as gourds, so that you can absorb the backflow of gas, which is conducive to family development; In some families, the door is facing the stairs, which is very detrimental. Raising the door fence is a good choice. (guidaye Feng Shui

the stress of stair Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex buildings

1. The shape of stairs. Stairs are pipes that move air quickly, which can make the air energy move from one floor to another in the home. When people go up and down the stairs, they will stir the air energy and make it move quickly along the stairs. In order to achieve the purpose of storing wind and gathering gas in the home, the air flow must rotate and avoid direct rushing. Therefore, the steeper the slope of the stairs, the stronger the negative effect on Feng Shui. Therefore, the slope of the stairs should be gentle and better. In terms of shape, spiral stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way are the first choice

2. Location of stairs. Some people think that stairs are different from rooms, but only play the function of passages. In fact, the stairs are not only the place where the air is received and sent at home, but also the place where accidents are easy to happen. If you make a mistake in setting the orientation, it will bring damage to the home. The ideal position for stairs is to stand against the wall. When the stairs stand against the door, in order to avoid the popularity and wealth of the upstairs rushing out of the door when opening the door, you can put a convex mirror on the step opposite the door to reflect the gas energy back into the house. The theme that must be avoided when setting stairs is the center of the house. The stairs passing through the center of the house is equal to dividing the home in two, which will lead to many quarrels in the home, discord between husband and wife, and even separation, which is very unfavorable in Feng Shui

3. Other household equipment under the stairs. Plants can be placed under the stairs or used as lockers, but it is not suitable for restaurants, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. This is because the air field of the stairs flows relatively fast, which is easy to affect the dining room, kitchen, bedroom and other spaces. In addition, the sound of going up and down stairs is also very inappropriate for a bedroom that needs quiet

4. Type of stairs. There are generally three types of home stairs, one is spiral stairs, one is inclined stairs, and one is stairs with turning platforms halfway. Compared with inclined stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way, the first step of the stairs is located in the center of the house. If the platform at the end of the stairs is the center of the house, it is a fierce pattern

pay attention to the feng shui of decorating stairs

do you feel that if the stairs are located in the north of your home, your family is easy to catch a cold, which is one of the taboos of Feng Shui of stair decoration

this is very common. The gate is facing north. In order to go up to the second floor directly, and also to set the stairway within 45 degrees of the north

stairs, toilets, kitchens and bathrooms have no orientation to become auspicious, and at best, they can only avoid becoming evil

if you are in the range of 45 degrees in the north, the range of 45 degrees in the north and 15 degrees in the West will become evil. The worst thing is that the end of the stairs is right in the middle of the room

moreover, the direction of the twelve expenditure stars entering the couple at the end of the stairs is also evil

for example, if your husband is in his Mao year and your wife is in his ugly year, you must avoid making the stairs enter the 15 degree range of the center of the East. A sub range of 15 degrees north by northeast

the so-called stairs can be said to be the access to bring external air, mold, etc. upstairs. Therefore, if the stairs are located in the north, it is particularly easy to catch a cold, or be complicated with other diseases

if the end of the stairs is right in the middle of the room, it may cause marital discord and family apathy due to illness. If the stairs are located in the position of the twelve expenditure stars of the master and the housewife, and the end of the stairs is also in this position, it will be ill for a long time

due to the structure of the house, it is impossible to avoid the orientation of the evil phase when going up the stairs, so it is necessary to change the design and try to let only one third of the stairs enter the orientation. If two thirds of people grow up in the north, northwest, or the position of the couple's birth star, it will become a bad face

there are tricks and geomantic taboos in the decoration of stairs. I knew that there are many requirements for the decoration of stairs, but no matter where, the requirements of geomantic omen need everyone to be careful and not bring bad luck to everyone




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