How to choose the correct ventilation module

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Guide: the advantages and disadvantages of the ventilation module mainly lie in the quality of the ventilation motor. In addition, the air volume of the ventilation fan is also one of the important indicators to identify the quality of the ventilation module. In addition, it is also necessary to see whether the impeller of the product has the ability to resist aging and deformation when purchasing. Only by combining these points can we choose a high-quality ventilation fan

the ventilation efficiency mainly depends on the quality of the ventilation motor. Standard ventilators generally use high-quality ball bearing motors, and the average service life of the motors is more than 2000 hours, which is three times the service life of ordinary motors

the ventilator motor of brand enterprises has five significant characteristics. For example, the surface of professional ventilation motor is treated by anodic electrophoresis process, and the fully enclosed structure design has the function of waterproof and rust prevention. The long service life of ball bearing motor is determined by its waterproof, rust proof and oil free characteristics. Ordinary motors are prone to water ingress during use, resulting in rust. Therefore, when purchasing, we must pay attention to the brand, understand the process of the ventilator motor in detail, and see the design structure clearly

in addition, the air volume of the ventilator is also an important indicator to identify the quality of the ventilator. The principle of the air duct system of the professional ventilator adopts the Archimedes spiral air duct, which has the advantages of low power, high exhaust force and low noise. The air volume of the ventilator can reach 240 cubic meters per hour when it is working

whether the ventilator impeller has the ability to resist aging and deformation also determines the durability factor of the working performance of the ventilator. Only by integrating the factors of motor, ventilation duct design, impeller quality and so on, can we choose a ventilator with superior quality. These all depend on professional technical support. Only good brands can have professional technical support. Therefore, it is very important to choose a ventilator brand

style judgment and selection of products

the ventilation modules are square in order to facilitate installation, and there are few colors. The common ones are white, silver gray, silver and rare blue. Specifically, you can choose your favorite color to match the style of the whole space according to your own preferences

product cost and brand knowledge

common brands are: AUP, AIA, INET, Yangba, Felix, character, and MESCO, with a price of 500-800 yuan. There are also many prices on the Internet between 100-300 yuan




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