How to remedy the poor lighting in the living room

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In general, the decoration design of the living room should be bright and transparent, with clear functions, natural decoration and strong practicality. It's certainly good to have a south facing living room with strong lighting ability, but what if the direction of the living room is not good and the lighting surface is wide and small? Is there any way to brighten the living room? In fact, there are some tips about how to brighten the living room. Let's talk about it

1. Tone treatment

first, the dark living room is not suitable for too dull color treatment. In addition to small parts of decoration, we should not try to use black, gray, dark blue, dark brown and other tones. Both walls and floors should be dominated by soft and bright light colors. It is recommended that you use white, milky white, light beige and other colors as the tone of the wall, while the floor is recommended to use log colored wood floor or white floor tiles. This can promote the light entering the living room to refract repeatedly, so as to brighten the living room

2. Choice of furniture

dark and bulky furniture should not be used in the living room with poor lighting. Because dark furniture has light absorption, and large furniture will squeeze the activity space in the living room, the combination of these two points will make people feel dark and depressed. In particular, some deep and high dark furniture is the enemy of the living room with poor lighting. Therefore, the choice of furniture should also be based on light colors. Modern furniture with white, log color and metal texture is a good choice. In terms of furniture volume, it should also be based on small, deep and low furniture, in order to maximize the activity space and reduce the indoor pressure. You should know that the spacious feeling of the living room will also improve the brightness of the living room

3. Reasonable lighting

in addition to the correct selection of living room colors and living room furniture, reasonable lighting of living room space is also one of the important means to brighten the living room. We can use large chandeliers and ceiling lamps as the main light source for night lighting, and table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and spotlights as the auxiliary light source for daytime lighting. For the selection of fill light lamps in the daytime, it is recommended to use diffuse light source lamps, such as floor lamps illuminating the roof of the house, wall lamps illuminating the wall, and spotlights. The light produced by these lamps has the advantages of large fill light range and soft light, which is not only suitable for the whole or partial fill light of the living room, but also can create a harmonious and warm indoor atmosphere for the interior while filling light

for the decoration of small living rooms with poor light, special attention should be paid to keeping the wall clean and tidy, and do not decorate too many decorations on the wall. Because the wall surface that is not neat enough will make the small space produce a feeling of disorder, and it is not conducive to the mutual mapping and transmission of indoor light, thus further reducing the brightness of the interior




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