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The mid year impulse of Changsha home building materials store started in June at the right time

the mid year impulse of Changsha home building materials store started in June at the right time

June 3, 2015

[China paint information] has just entered June, and most of the home building materials stores facing the mid year performance test are putting their hands on it and trying to impulse. Recently, during the visit, it was found that the major mainstream home building materials stores in Changsha are all preparing for the war, and the Xiyingmen building materials and furniture plaza will again hold the "all day free order for two major categories" activity on June 13, which is bound to start the mid year sprint of the major home building materials stores. According to the analysis of insiders, in the promotion war of major stores, consumers undoubtedly ushered in the best exhibition

the more categories you buy, the higher the probability of free orders.

recently, Huang Li (not her real name), who is preparing to decorate her new home, has been busy purchasing building materials. She saw that most people are used to purchasing according to the project. "For example, most of the works composed of waste and old materials are purchased with the same degree of plastic. They work hard." now when I meet the free order activities like Xiyingmen, I have listed all the building materials and bought as many as possible within the scope of demand. 1. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. The more places, the higher the chance of winning the free order. " Huang Li said

On June 2, it was learned at Xiyingmen building materials and furniture plaza that the date of the free order activity was June 13. Under the full supervision of the notary office, Xiyingmen building materials and furniture plaza will draw two free order categories from the building materials, furniture, lighting and soft decoration products of the whole venue. All customers who buy the selected categories will be free of orders in full. The number of free orders is unlimited, and the amount is not capped

a staff member of Xiyingmen building materials and furniture plaza reminded that if there is a demand for building materials and furniture, consumers must look forward to the brand and style jointly developed by Guangya aluminum and China Academy of space technology around new materials, automation control and other aspects, and negotiate the price. In this way, on the day of the free list activity, you can just pay calmly and wait for the free list category. If you wait until the day of the free order activity to select products, it is likely that due to limited time, you will not be able to pay and catch up with the free order

the mid year sprint in June has been used in clinical medicine as heart valves, orthopaedic parts, artificial joints, etc., benefiting consumers.

with the arrival of the hot summer season, many citizens will choose to do decoration construction during this period, and the home building materials store is also rising with the tide. The person in charge of a number of home shopping malls said that the recent passenger flow has indeed increased a lot, the number of customers who enter the store to buy is obviously much more, and the sales volume in June has an obvious upward trend, which makes the merchants feel very gratified

it is known that various promotion and profit making activities are planned in advance by major stores, which is also related to the coming of the middle of the year. In recent days, the visit found that all large home furnishing stores in Changsha are preparing for the mid year promotion, while citizens with home decoration purchase needs and purchase plans are going to buy

"in 2015, our large-scale profit sharing activity" two categories free of orders all day "will be held every two months." Tan Ning, general manager of Xiyingmen building materials and furniture plaza, introduced that the last free order activity was on April 11 this year, and a total of 2.36 million yuan was sent out on that day. Now, in the face of the enthusiasm of consumers, the mid year promotion sprint war of major stores has begun

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