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Changsha Wangcheng district took the lead in setting up a digital emergency linkage command platform in the whole province recently, Changsha Wangcheng district took the lead in recycling waste plastics into 3D printing wires, and first set up a digital emergency linkage command platform in the whole province. This is mainly because low molecular weight PTMC has better hydrophilicity, integrating the District Emergency Office, public security 110, court enforcement, urban management, civil affairs, justice, social security, health, environmental protection, industry and commerce, water and electricity The coal gas adopts the functions, responsibilities and resources of intelligent feedback computing, citizen 12345, Lei Feng 580 and other administrative departments to simplify 20 into one 110

the length and width shall not exceed 2% deviation. I am used to calling 110 for help when I encounter some troubles in life, but most of them said that this matter is not under the control of the public security department. There are so many, I really don't know which to call at the moment! Zhoutiansheng, a citizen of Wangcheng District, criticized the previous cumbersome system. The police said they were wronged: we often receive similar invalid alarms. Many things are really beyond our ability to deal with. We can only ask them to contact other departments. However, after the promotion of the 110 social emergency linkage system, the original 110 can also be used for external services. Seats are set inside the center for transfer, and a duty preparation system is established to undertake the disposal of non police police information and emergencies, and implement unified supervision and assessment. Make the 110 platform from a public security monologue to a government chorus, and truly realize that the police must answer and help in case of difficulties. In this way, every citizen's difficulties and demands can be solved professionally and timely in the shortest time

in addition, Wangcheng district government has actively complied with the Internet era, integrated three application software systems, namely, the public security 110 command system, the digital urban management system and the standardized social governance system, and developed emergency linkage software, so that citizens can reflect the situation as long as they move their fingers. The collection, dispatch, scheduling, disposal, supervision, assessment and feedback of various problems by the government are all completed on the mobile intelligent device, so as to realize the real social governance mode of rapid response and efficient operation

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