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The cost of Changsha no one bookstore is only 1/10 of that of an independent bookstore.

this is a high-value bookstore: the environment is bright and transparent, the decoration is simple and elegant, and the bookshelves in log color are antique; This is Changsha no man's Publishing House: there are no cashiers and staff. You can take away the books you like by scanning the code and paying for them. Yuguiming, founder of Changsha attentive education and head of the publishing house, expressed the hope that in order to pierce the paint layer and directly measure each point, the new trend of reading by the whole people can be advocated through the opening of unmanned publishing houses


in the coffee shop, there are more than 3000 books

bookstores and cafes are the combination of the current fire. The mindless bookstore is located in a coffee shop. The whole coffee shop covers an area of more than 500 square meters, nearly one third of which is a publishing house. At the scene, the bookstore has 9 bookshelves and more than 3000 books, including books and long-term sales books of literature, literature and history, and social sciences. According to yuguiming, the reading consultants will regularly guide readers in selecting books online and offline

there is no cashier here. You can buy books by yourself. Linqiuping, the person in charge of the cafe, told me that although the bookstore was opened in the cafe, the staff only provided tea and catering services. After selecting a book, the customer can scan the barcode on the back of the book with the barcode gun to the system, and then pay the book fee

I think this is a good place for reading. It is very convenient and free to buy books. Zhangting, a senior at Central South University, is a customer who patronizes Xinxin no one's bookstore. In her opinion, buying books requires meditation to choose, so she likes this quiet atmosphere


bookstores can open 10 unmanned bookstores.

Yu Guiming said that he wanted to set up such an unmanned Bookstore because he hoped to provide a comfortable and quiet reading environment for book loving friends, and also hoped that more people could become readers. In his opinion, no one bookstore is not only no cashier, but also no one to disturb. In the Internet + era, it has become a rare thing to buy books in bookstores. I want to provide a good reading environment and platform for friends who love reading

it was found that customers of all the new books that have not been unpacked in the unmanned bookstore can open them for reading by themselves, and they do not need to buy them if they feel it is inappropriate. I believe that people who really love books and reading will not deliberately destroy books. Under normal circumstances, the loss and damage of books shall be borne by the publishing house. Yuguiming said that trust and being trusted are equally happy; If you are honest, you will gain honesty. If someone really wants to like books, but forgets to pay for them, then it should be regarded as a gift for those who love books

Yu Guiming made an account. Compared with independent bookstores, the decoration cost of the bookstore in the cafe is much less, which is also the charm of sharing and sharing business model. In the past, the cost of opening an independent bookstore can now open 10 unmanned bookstores. At present, Xinxin Bookstore chain has opened 8 physical bookstores in Changsha, and has a certain operation and management system. He feels that he doesn't have to worry too much about profitability for the time being. He also said that after being exposed to the sun for a long time, it is easy to get old and brittle. Next, he will open the mindless Bookstore into more special cafes, schools, communities, hospitals and VIP areas of banks, so that people who love reading can find a place to calm down and study in the bustling city

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