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On August 16, Changsha County highway overload control information command and dispatching center was officially put into use to monitor, command and dispatch road vehicles 24 hours a day

red time, August 16 (chenjue correspondent wangyunxiang and xiezhonghuang) on August 16, off-site law enforcement of highway overload control in Changsha was fully launched, and 11 off-site law enforcement points were officially put into operation. So far, Changsha highway overload control has realized "machine replacement", bid farewell to the "sea of people" mode, and entered the stage of scientific, accurate and efficient overload control

on August 16, we saw at Tangtian overrun detection station of the fourth branch of Changsha county administrative law enforcement bureau that Changsha County highway overload control information command and dispatching center has been officially put into use, realizing 24-hour monitoring, command and dispatching and data analysis

in the past, the "fixed-point + Mobile" mode of highway administration personnel was adopted for highway overload control. While the work task was heavy, law enforcement personnel also suffered a great safety risk, with an annual output of more than 18 million vehicles. In order to better protect the safety of people's lives and property and the integrity of highway infrastructure, improve the level of information overload control, and achieve accurate and efficient control of all kinds of traffic violations, especially overloaded vehicles, in 2017, Hunan overload control office designated Changsha County as a pilot county for the construction of non-stop inspection system and off-site law enforcement

in order to promote off-site law enforcement of highway overload control, Changsha County has established a leading group for off-site law enforcement. Since 2017, Changsha County Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, as the specific implementation Department of off-site law enforcement, has started the construction of three sets of non-stop detection systems, including Heping Village, Ansha Town, k1594 line G107, Wutang village, Chunhua Town, k3+500m East extension line of Kaiyuan Road, and Yutang village, Huanghua Town, k6+300m line x056, It was completed in March this year. In early April, Changsha County's new intelligent material polymer "flytrap" information command and dispatching center, located in Tangtian station, was completed and put into use. The original 7 sets of non-stop pre inspection systems, the newly built 3 sets of detection systems, Tangtian and Huanghua detection stations, 19 key source enterprises and 68 important intersections were all connected to the monitoring video, and connected with provincial and municipal platforms at the first time

in order to avoid punishment for some overloaded vehicles, Changsha took the lead in launching the off-site law enforcement mode of joint overload control by Road police. It is reported that two sets of off-site law enforcement electronic monitoring systems of Changsha County Traffic Police Brigade were put into use at the end of July to punish illegal acts such as deliberately blocking, defacing license plates, crossing lines and retrograde, and cooperate with the law enforcement bureau to query vehicle information to ensure smooth notification channels. At the same time, Changsha County has also set up a joint law enforcement team of three branch roads police, adhere to the normal overload control on the road, and increase the frequency of joint mobile overload control and law enforcement on areas with serious situations of deliberately bypassing detection or short-distance over limit transportation, as well as the entrances and exits of expressways with large freight flow

"since the off-site law enforcement of highway overload control was started at 0:00 on August 16, as of 10:00 on August 16, the number of over limit and overloaded vehicles recorded by Changsha County No. 3 system has decreased significantly, from 167 vehicles/10 hours before the use to 35 Vehicles/10 hours. At the same time, the proportion of serious over limit and overload has decreased significantly. Among the 35 over limit and overloaded vehicles, 24 vehicles are overloaded less than 5 tons and 11 vehicles are overloaded. The off-site law enforcement power of highway overload control has initially shown." Introduction by wangweike, director of the fourth branch of Changsha County Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau

more points:

what is off-site law enforcement of highway overload control

off-site law enforcement for highway overload control refers to that the highway management organization, according to the needs of protecting the highway, sets up highway overrun inspection equipment at the main road of goods transportation, the entrance of important bridges and other important sections and nodes of the highway. For example, high polymer materials have quite high elongation measurement technology monitoring equipment, and according to the information recorded by the above equipment, after confirming the illegal facts, The overload management mode is to make administrative punishment decisions on the parties involved in illegal over gauge transport vehicles (including the vehicle owner, driver or vehicle manager)

which sections of Changsha implement off-site law enforcement for overload control

1. Changsha County: G107 line (k1594, Heping Village, Ansha town), East extension line of Kaiyuan East Road (k3+500m, Wutang village, Chunhua Town), x056 line (k6+300m, Yutang village, Huanghua town)

2. Wangcheng District: Line S101 (k23+700m, Xinkang liuhewei village and k25+900m, Xinkang Yueyuan Village)

3. Liuyang City: S310 (k0+200m, Wenjia town), S211 (k5+200m, Gantang village, zhentou town), s309 (k69+800m, Jinkou village, Guankou Street), g319 (k1063+200m, Lihe village, Dayao town), G106 (k1638+100m, Huangni boundary, Shegang town)

4. Ningxiang City: there is a large friction force between the upper and lower end faces of S20 and the support of the experimental machine. Line 9 (k24+400m, Fengyang village, Dachengqiao town)

5. Yuhua District: Dongzhu highway (k7+840m, Tiaoma village, Tiaoma town)

what is the off-site enforcement process

1. Information collection

the information collector collects the basic information of illegal vehicles through the non-stop detection management system, excludes the vehicles that do not meet the filing conditions, gradually screen the long-term line vehicles with complete and effective evidence, clear license plates and side photos, and do a good job in summarizing and archiving the information

2. The road surface informs

after the freight vehicle passes through the detection area, the electronic display screen installed on the road will display the vehicle license plate number in red font in real time, inform the driver whether it is overloaded, and remind the party suspected of overloaded transportation to unload at the nearest unloading site to eliminate illegal acts

3. Other notices

based on the illegal vehicle information obtained from the traffic police and the traffic department, push the illegal information in a timely manner by SMS, and inform the parties of the illegal time, place, facts, reasons, basis, rights and obligations of the parties by mail (registered mail). Regularly interview and expose those who have committed serious violations for many times

4. The party concerned takes the initiative to unload

after being prompted by the electronic display screen, the overloaded transport vehicle takes the initiative to unload and eliminate the illegal act according to the prompt requirements, and shall be given a lighter or mitigated punishment

5. Punishment

in order to standardize the off-site law enforcement punishment standards for highway overload control, Changsha Highway Administration Bureau may, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the administrative punishment law, the provisions on the administration of over gauge transport vehicles on roads, the measures of Hunan Province for regulating administrative discretion and other laws and regulations, make a decision of lighter or mitigated punishment if the party concerned voluntarily goes to the designated place for investigation and treatment after receiving the notification of administrative punishment

6. Electronic police capture

in the face of new technologies, some truck drivers may also have "new countermeasures" and think that pressing lines, crossing lanes, retrograde, deceiving cards, deliberately blocking number plates and other methods can interfere with or avoid detection. In this regard, the traffic police brigade of Changsha County Public Security Bureau has set up electronic police capture equipment in the non-stop weighing and testing area. In view of the above illegal acts, they will be punished and scored according to law. According to the road traffic safety law, if a motor vehicle violates the prohibited markings, 3 points will be recorded and a fine of 100 yuan will be imposed

what are the advantages of off-site law enforcement for highway overload control

first, it is conducive to strengthening over limit supervision. Relying on the dynamic automatic weighing and detection system, the highway management organization has realized all-weather automatic detection, license plate identification, screening and recording of passing vehicles, and implemented off-site punishment, which has greatly improved the strength of highway management and control

the second is to alleviate the problem of overload treatment. The original inspection mode for stopping vehicles and entering the station has low law enforcement efficiency, which is very easy to cause the phenomenon of missing inspection of over limit vehicles. In addition, the personal safety risk of law enforcement personnel is high, and the labor intensity is high. The off-site law enforcement method effectively makes up for the problem of inadequate supervision caused by the shortage of overload control personnel, and greatly reduces the safety risk of law enforcement personnel

third, standardize the investigation and punishment. The off-site law enforcement avoids the on-site contact with the administrative counterpart in the traditional overload control law enforcement link. The system automatically collects data and sets strict law enforcement procedures to ensure the sunshine law enforcement and fair law enforcement to the greatest extent

what behaviors will be punished by off-site law enforcement of highway overload control

first, the highway management organization shall punish according to law. The illegal overloaded freight vehicles recorded by the dynamic automatic weighing detection and electronic capture system shall be subject to administrative punishment by the highway management organization according to the provisions on the administration of overloaded transport vehicles driving on highways after the case is filed, reviewed and identified

second, the traffic police department scores the punishment according to law. If a freight motor vehicle passes through the dynamic automatic weighing detection section, and the driver uses other motor vehicle number plates, deliberately blocks the number plates, violates the prohibition of marking and other illegal acts to achieve the purpose of interfering with or avoiding the dynamic automatic weighing detection, the traffic police management department of the public security organ shall punish and score according to the provisions of the road traffic safety law of the people's Republic of China

third, the highway and public security departments punished according to law. In addition to punishing those who intentionally block the detection road section in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations on the protection of highway safety and the provisions on the administration of over limit transport vehicles driving on highways, the public security organ will also punish those who disturb the order of over limit detection in accordance with the law

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