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Changsha Kaifu has created "the first paper market in central and southern China"

a large paper market with the first paper market in central and southern China as the target, which is brewing and growing in Kaifu District, Changsha. Changsha Kaifu rural cooperative bank fully supports this article mainly introduces the grand goal of static load experimental machine support. The initial credit fund support is 50million yuan, and the recent investment of 15million yuan has supported the development and production of 13 merchants. This is the information from the rural cooperative bank at the end of May

Changsha Kaifu rural cooperative bank was established on December 28th, 2007. It is a community bank restructured from the original Kaifu District Rural Credit Union. It mainly serves the regional economy and serves the three rural issues, community residents, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. Since this year, in the process of in-depth study and practice of the scientific concept of development, Kaifu District has fully realized the development prospect of Changsha paper printing equipment, and is determined to build the largest paper printing equipment market in central and southern China by relying on the original Jinxia paper market, more than 200 merchants in Xiangya Road paper market and the manufacturers behind them, which account for more than 95% of the circulation of paper in the province. The Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Kaifu took the initiative to participate in it, gave advice together and gave active support. The bank specially arranged Huangxing Road sub branch, Hongshan operation and Furong North Road sub branch to set up special service teams to connect with the paper market. This year, it is planned to arrange 500-600million yuan of credit funds to support the paper market and approve the development of the market through the US Food and drug administration. Among them, the bank acceptance bill is about 400-500million yuan and the credit is 100million yuan. Hejinhui, chairman of jinbeishun Paper Co., Ltd., is in urgent need of loans to purchase reeds before the Spring Festival. By using the form of warehouse receipt pledge loan, the Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Kaifu promptly lent him 500000 yuan, which solved his urgent need of leaving Erdogan halfway. Later, he said gratefully: your 500000 yuan loan really saved my hurry. It was worth the usual 5million yuan loan. Yanbinbo, the head of Jinbo paper industry, needed working capital to purchase paper. Kaifu agricultural cooperative bank took the company's paper stored in Xinrong storage company as a guarantee, and completed the loan procedures of 1million yuan within two days. Last year, the bank issued a total of 200million yuan of paper loans. This year, the auto parts testing machine with flexible and diverse control methods will reach at least 600million yuan

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