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On December 8, more than 350 provincial and municipal scientific and technological workers gathered in Hunan Polytechnic to participate in the "2017 Changsha Science and Technology Annual Conference" hosted by Changsha Association for science and technology. Liuxiaohe, vice chairman of Hunan Association for science and technology, dengzili, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC and chairman of the Municipal Association for science and technology, liujianxiang, Secretary of the Party committee of Hunan Institute of industry and technology, Yi Zili, vice president of Hunan Agricultural University, kangxiaoping, Deputy Secretary General of Changsha Municipal people's government and other leaders in the operation process of wire torsion tester attended the annual meeting. Professor yangjianzhong, deputy director of the national numerical control system engineering technology research center, was specially invited to deliver the theme report of "intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading and talent training", and Dr renhuili, assistant to the president of Zoomlion Central Research Institute, delivered the theme report of "linking the world's intelligent Innovation future"

2017 Changsha Annual Conference on science and technology is a large-scale academic activity continuously built by Changsha Association for science and technology according to the unified deployment of China Association for science and technology and Provincial Association for science and technology. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, keep the temperature at 100 ℃ ± 10 ℃ for 60 mins and 175 mins, implement the innovation driven development strategy, create a national central city, and serve the construction of "three centers", this annual meeting takes "innovation and development, science and technology leading" as the theme, paying attention to the innovation and development of cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent manufacturing, and promoting the upgrading of traditional industries

in addition to setting up the main meeting of Hunan Industrial Vocational College, the annual meeting also organized a series of key academic activities, taking into account discipline, industry and regional distribution. The annual conference received positive response from the city's scientific and technological workers. All societies (associations, research associations), districts and counties (cities), parks, enterprises and institutions, and university science associations held 10 academic activities of the annual conference. 458 academic papers in various disciplines and fields were submitted, and 15 first prize papers, 28 second prize papers and 45 third prize papers were awarded. The annual meeting will also organize experts to screen the papers and subject achievements of the annual meeting, further carry out investigation, research and demonstration, form decision-making consultation suggestions and CPPCC proposals, and provide scientific basis for the decision-making of the leaders of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government and relevant departments

the highlight of this annual meeting is that it is held in Higher Vocational Colleges for the first time. Secretary of the leading Party group of Changsha Association for science and technology Vice chairman lifankun said: "We chose to hold the annual meeting in Higher Vocational Colleges for the first time under the guidance of the new ideas of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the introduction of the new talent policy in Changsha. It is an attempt, an exploration and an incentive that will also show the other uses of aramid composites. We hope that higher vocational colleges will pay more attention to the cultivation of scientific research talents and students' scientific research ability, improve the quality of teachers and students, and cultivate talents who can adapt to the development of the new era. ”

it is reported that in recent years, Hunan Industrial Vocational College has actively responded to the call of the party and the state in terms of special printing materials and other preparation technologies in cultivating talents, aimed at cultivating intelligent manufacturing talents for the country, connected with the construction of Chang Zhu Tan Heng "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city cluster, deepened the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation, constantly enriched professional connotation, and created brand specialty, characteristic specialty and high-quality specialty, We have made some useful attempts in the field of scientific research and trained many talents who can adapt to social development

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