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The bright and clean color matching, coupled with the spacious window design, makes this small apartment bathe in the sun, and the gloom in the house is swept away, and the whole person's mood will unconsciously become as bright as the sun. Next, please enjoy this set of modern simple decoration renderings of two bedrooms and one living room, feel the charm of fashionable home decoration design together, and embrace the sunshine after the spring rain

decoration owner files:

decoration community: Ziyu mansion (more decoration renderings of Ziyu mansion) decoration bidding, decoration map house type: two rooms and one living room decoration method: half package decoration style: modern simple style contract amount: 50000

the space with white as the home color keynote is decorated with a little bit of gorgeous colors, and the chandelier design is also very personalized. The silver walls divide the spaces well. At the same time, both partitions and fireplaces are built on such walls, and the random layout makes people entering the living room feel like entering a maze. Black and white carpets and coffee tables have played a great role in shaping the overall tone of the space. A fashionable small apartment without big French windows is too disappointing. Are you satisfied with big windows

it is a dream of many people to have a large balcony connected to the bedroom. When you wake up in the morning, go to the balcony and feel the warm sunshine for a while, which is very comfortable. The bedroom is a place for recuperation, so the choice of color should not be too dazzling or dark. The bedroom with large French windows, coupled with the sharp contrast between gray and white, makes the whole space full of brilliance. In this way, the combination of light gray and white is very good, which makes the whole space feel more warm visually

the white overall cabinet is used with the island platform in the middle. The cooking area has more functions and a more fashionable flavor. The square island platform is very suitable for IKEA style, highlighting the rich family atmosphere. The cabinet and island area are matched with gray mosaic patterns, and the whole small house decoration is spreading a pure gas. In order to save space, solid wood tables and chairs are placed in the corner of the small kitchen, echoing the floor, setting off a simple and warm home atmosphere

the delicacy of this small apartment lies in that every space in the design process is designed with utmost care. Look at the bathroom design. Although it is a simple style design, it is very awesome with large windows. Generally, the bathroom space of others is not too large, so how to summarize and sort out everything in the limited space has become a problem faced by many people for a long time. In fact, there are still many spaces in the bathroom space that can be used. For example, in the above figure, the lower part of the washing table is designed as a storage, so a simple design can put a lot of things

[introduction to ziyugongguan community]: Zhuyeshan group made great efforts to build an access network by sitting on the first development trunk road - Avenue, metro lines 3 and 8, Zhuyeshan interchange, Xingye Road, Houhu Avenue, Fazhan Avenue, Huangpu Avenue, etc., and more than 10 bus lines such as 516, 543, 592, 621, 532, 575, 706, etc. pass through the community to quickly connect the three towns

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