Cohen warwolf quality sets an industry benchmark

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Within ten days of its release, the box office figure of the movie "war wolf 2", written, directed, and performed by Wu Jing, the spokesperson of Cohen's brand image, seemed to sit on the jet and soared. As of August 14, the cumulative box office of the film exceeded 4.5 billion, creating a box office miracle for Chinese films. The global box office exceeded that of "return of Spider Man Hero" and ranked among the top 100 box office films in the world. Finally, in this hot summer, "war wolf 2" made this "wolf, more bloody" man completely popular! Vigorously realized their own life value

on July 26, 2013, Kung Fu superstar Wu Jing officially signed a contract to become the first brand image spokesperson of Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance. Since then, Cohen and Wu Jing, wise and brave, have worked together for many years. Wu Jing's "special forces characteristics" are similar to Cohen's tough "man" style in brand style. Whether it's the slogan "black and white, made by Cohen", "there is a way to guide smoke, made by Cohen"; Or the product terms "Chef", "coenda technology" and other brand positioning coincide

over the years, Cohen has maintained close contact with Wu Jing. Cohen has invested in war wolf 1 and now plans to invest in war wolf 3. Wu Jing, the first and only brand spokesman who has been cooperating with the company, has always been optimistic about the company. To some extent, the "warwolf" quality embodied in Wu Jing is exactly what Cohen has always insisted on, which is a spirit of daring to fight and being good at fighting; It is a kind of action force of self-improvement and initiative; It is a kind of domineering courage to be responsible and overwhelming; It is also a powerful source for the development and expansion of enterprises

since its establishment, Cohen Electric has been focusing on the R & D and production of kitchen appliances, always insisting on providing users with kitchen appliances of the best quality, and constantly meeting users' pursuit of high-quality life. In just eight years, Cohen Electric has combined its own advantages and market characteristics, and created its own terminal practical secret skills - Yu Tang theory, marketing binfa, marketing ecological cycle guide, with strong enterprise strength, perfect technology With considerate service and excellent quality as the support, we innovate products, cultivate channels, strengthen brand publicity and promotion, and constantly bring butterfly changes and upgrades to the brand, so that thousands of business partners have achieved easy and sustainable profits, which are deeply favored by dealers

so far, Cohen has become one of the most influential brands in China's kitchen electrical industry. The whole series of products have passed the 3C certification of China Quality Certification Center, and obtained a number of invention patent certificates and appearance design patent certificates. The strict quality control system has made Cohen a national high-tech enterprise, China's top ten brands of kitchen and bathroom appliances, Zhejiang famous trademark, Zhejiang gas appliance council unit, China Hardware Association Council unit Gb/t 31911 national standard formulation unit and relevant industry standard formulation unit and many other honorary titles





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