Precautions for communication with decoration desi

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Decoration design is essential in decoration. Decoration designers will make appropriate decoration design drawings according to users' preferences and requirements and combined with users' decoration budget. In this process, how to make designers understand your decoration needs is very critical. Wuhan Decoration network editor believes that in the process of communicating with designers, as long as you pay attention to the following points, there will be no problem

precautions for communicating with decoration designers

IV. favorite style

many owners have thought about the desired decoration effect before they close their houses. They have collected a lot of pictures of favorite decoration styles on the Internet. When they see the designer, they can show the pictures to the designer. This is a good method, which allows designers to intuitively understand the owner's preferred style and get twice the result with half the effort in design. (recommended reading: what are the decoration styles of the house)

v. look forward to furniture and home appliances in advance

the overall style of home decoration needs to be unified. Before the designer makes the renderings, the owner should look forward to the furniture and home appliances to be purchased in advance, so that the designer can integrate the furniture and home appliances in the design, so as to avoid the mismatch between the overall decoration style and furniture and home appliances




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