What are the hazards of decoration pollution

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In the process of home decoration, formaldehyde is the most harmful. Friends who have just finished decorating their houses often encounter problems such as "what to do with poor sleep", "what to do with insomnia", and so on. They often think that it is caused by not adapting to the new environment, but ignore the existence of formaldehyde. The study found that formaldehyde can cause damage to the central nervous system, and insomnia is only the primary stage of nerve damage. Let's follow Wuhan home decoration network to see what pollutants are in the decoration pollution? What is the harm to people

what are the specific manifestations of decoration pollution:

1) after the new move, the domestic cats, dogs and even tropical fish died inexplicably

2) the newly decorated family and office rooms or newly purchased furniture have pungent, dazzling and other irritating odor, and the odor will not disperse for a long time

3) when getting up in the morning every day, I feel suffocated, nauseated, and even dizzy

4) people often catch a cold at home

5) children in the family often cough, sneeze and have decreased immunity

6) newlyweds are infertile for a long time, and the reason cannot be found out

7) family members often have allergies and other problems, and they are mass

8) fetal malformation is found in pregnant women under normal pregnancy

9 in newly moved or newly decorated houses, indoor plants are not easy to survive, and their leaves are easy to turn yellow and wither

10) I feel sore throat and dry respiratory tract at work, and I'll be fine after work

11) although he doesn't smoke, he often feels uncomfortable in his throat, feels foreign body, and has poor breathing

12) the family has a common disease, and after leaving this environment, the symptoms have significantly changed and improved

what are the hazards of decoration pollution

the release of decoration pollutants lasts for 3-15 years, and their hazards include:

1) causing abnormal human immune function, liver injury, liver injury and nerve center impact

2) damage to eyes, nose, throat, upper respiratory tract and skin

3) cause chronic health injury and reduce people's life span

4) serious cases may cause cancer, fetal malformation, female infertility, etc

5) has a great impact on the normal growth and development of children, which can lead to leukemia, memory decline, growth retardation, etc

6) the damage to women's appearance and skin is not to mention. Because formaldehyde has a strong irritant effect on the skin and mucous membrane, the skin will wrinkle and sweat secretion will be reduced after contact. Decreased sweat secretion will hinder pore viscera and human metabolism

how to avoid decoration pollution:

1. When signing the indoor decoration contract, it is best to write the indoor air quality standard into the contract as an indicator of project acceptance. Seven days after the completion of decoration, please ask the authoritative testing organization to test, so as to avoid disputes due to air quality problems

2. When choosing decorative materials for indoor decoration, expensive and natural materials are not necessarily the best. For example, the use of natural stones in a large area indoors leads to excessive radioactive gases, affecting human fertility and physique. It is generally recommended that the wall decoration materials should be made of mud

3. The house should be ventilated frequently. When you just finish decoration and purchase furniture, you should pay attention to proper treatment, door, drawer out, and local ventilation. Clothes stored in newly decorated furniture should be often taken out for drying to prevent furniture substances from volatilizing and adsorbing on clothes, causing damage to the body

4. Pay attention to the use of decorative materials. Luxury and complexity are not necessarily good, simple and practical, and more environmentally friendly. When the indoor decorative materials exceed a certain amount, even if all the materials used are environmentally friendly materials, the indoor air indicators may also exceed the standard. Decoration methods such as large-area ceiling will not only waste money, but also may lead to indoor air pollution

5. In addition, after the decoration is completed, the remaining decorative materials should be disposed in time, especially the harmful substances in wood-based panels, coatings, paints, adhesives and other materials volatilize, which will affect health

6. Although ventilation is necessary, formaldehyde and other harmful gases generally volatilize for three to fifteen years. Ventilation alone cannot solve the problem. It is necessary to choose some environmental protection products. For fear of secondary pollution, people usually choose activated carbon. At present, there are many kinds of environmental protection products on the market, including bamboo charcoal, coconut charcoal and modified activated carbon. Consumers should know more about the principle of each product, Choose a product that suits you

7. We can also buy more green plants and plant them at home, which can effectively purify the air and reduce pollution


in a word, after the decoration of our new house, we must pay more attention to this aspect. Don't take chances and check in immediately. We should always turn on the ventilation in the house so that the sun can shine in, and it can also play the role of sterilization. Or we can buy some green plants and put them indoors. After almost ten and a half days, we can check in the new house! The above is the relevant knowledge compiled by the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network for you. I hope it will help you. Thank you for reading

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