Tips for removing the odor of indoor decoration wi

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Paint smell: newly painted walls or furniture have a strong paint smell. To remove the paint smell, you only need to put two pots of cold salt water indoors, and the paint smell will be removed in one to two days. You can also soak onions in a basin, which is equally effective

room odor: the air in the room is dirty. You can drop a few drops of perfume or essential balm on the bulb. When it is hot, it will emit bursts of fragrance, refreshing

fill the container with cold water, then add an appropriate amount of vinegar and put it in a ventilated room, and open the furniture door. In this way, an appropriate amount of water can be evaporated to protect the paint surface on the wall top, and the residual odor can be absorbed and eliminated

buy some pineapples and put a few in each room. You can put more in large rooms. Because pineapple is a crude fiber fruit, it can not only absorb the paint flavor, but also emit the fragrance of pineapple, speed up the removal of odor, and achieve the best of both worlds

to quickly remove the residual paint smell, soak cotton balls with citric acid and hang them indoors and in wooden furniture

newly decorated houses often have the pungent smell of various chemical raw materials, such as Tianna water. Put a broken belly jackfruit in the house. Because jackfruit is large (generally as large as watermelon), it has a very strong fragrance, and the odor can be absorbed in a few days

placing orange peel, lemon peel and other items in the room is also a very effective method to remove the taste, but their effect will not be very rapid




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