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The autumn wind rises suddenly, and the climate is pleasant, “ Gold nine silver ten ” It is the traditional peak season for decoration. But in fact, the best time of year for decoration is spring. Why do you say so? This is a factor that no one can avoid and ignore in home decoration &mdash& mdash; Formaldehyde, closely related

as we all know, formaldehyde “ Notorious ”, It can be called home decoration “ The first killer ”. Formaldehyde has been classified as a first-class carcinogen by the World Health Organization in 2004, and there is sufficient evidence to prove its carcinogenicity, including leukemia. But the harm of formaldehyde must be closely related to another word, which is “ Exceed the standard ”. Formaldehyde exists naturally in nature. Free formaldehyde exists in plants, animals and human bodies; It is also widely used in medicine, industry and animal husbandry because of its anti-corrosion, disinfection and bleaching effects. In the home decoration market, it is widely used in coatings, paints, adhesives and soft decoration materials. Therefore, formaldehyde is always around the side in our life. Only when the concentration is higher than the acceptable range of the human body, it highlights its “ Killer nature &rdquo

home decoration is a very complex process, and the release of harmful substances is long. It ensures the environmental protection and safety of furniture and some materials, and can not completely eliminate the hidden danger of formaldehyde. What is more common is excessive decoration, which is easy to cause the superposition of harmful substances in the air to form home decoration pollution. Therefore, a necessary step to reduce formaldehyde pollution is to make rational planning in the early stage of decoration and make decoration as simple as possible. Another example is that too many fabrics are used in household soft clothing, because the processing of clothing and textiles are treated with formaldehyde. Recently, household hand-held formaldehyde detectors have been really popular for a while. Many consumers use them to measure the formaldehyde content in the air. The results show that the experience is powerless, and the value is changing all the time. I don't know which data is accurate. The reason is that the detection value is directly related to the temperature, humidity, air pressure, coexisting interfering substances and formaldehyde concentration level of the detection environment. There is often a large deviation between the value of hand-held detector and the strict inspection under laboratory conditions. Even if you choose to import equipment of nearly 10000 yuan, you can only quickly test the concentration of indoor formaldehyde, but you can't judge which product in the home releases formaldehyde by this. The Chinese Journal of hygienic inspection has published an article saying that the portable formaldehyde detector is not suitable for the determination of formaldehyde concentration in the indoor air

one time professional formaldehyde removal is only phased, and the release of formaldehyde is a long-term and slow process. In addition to purchasing household products with high environmental protection specifications, we also need to take measures to drive away formaldehyde in the process of living

at present, physical adsorption method is also a popular trend, but whether it is activated carbon bag, diatom mud wall and air purifier with activated carbon inner core, it can only adsorb formaldehyde near itself. Therefore, it must be replaced in time, especially the diatom mud wall. When its adsorption capacity is saturated, it can only shovel off the wall, otherwise it will become a pollution source emitting formaldehyde

photocatalyst method is very expensive, and requires professional operation. It can only play its full role under the action of ultraviolet light. Because natural light cannot penetrate ultraviolet light, only ultraviolet lamps can be installed with this method, but strong ultraviolet light is harmful to human body

the effect of any plant on removing formaldehyde is negligible. Formaldehyde can be dissolved in water, but a basin of water in the room cannot absorb free and low concentration formaldehyde. The effect of humidifier is only to increase indoor humidity and accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde. As for putting grapefruit peel, lemon, pineapple or vinegar steaming, it is purely to cover up the odor of formaldehyde with its own taste, and treat the symptoms rather than the root cause

the best way is &mdash& mdash; Opening windows for ventilation is simple, economical, effective and safe. Driving formaldehyde away all the time is better than all scientific and technological means. The function of the fresh air system is the same as that of opening windows for ventilation, but the air volume is small, so it is recommended that you open windows more for ventilation after decoration. This is also the reason why spring is the best season for decoration. After decoration, check-in after a summer. The high temperature in summer makes it easier to release formaldehyde and other harmful substances. In summer, it is also convenient to open windows so that harmful gases can be discharged in time

water can carry a boat or overturn it. It is unrealistic to completely eliminate formaldehyde in life and home decoration. What we need to do is how to correctly understand formaldehyde and how to reduce the harm of formaldehyde to us. The most fundamental way is to start from the source and carefully select conscience products with big brands, environmental protection grade and traceable sources from all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation. In terms of home decoration, we should choose well-known environmental protection paint, environmental protection building materials and furniture. For example, the emerging materials in the current customized furniture market &mdash& mdash; Kangchun board belongs to green environmental protection board. It is understood that kangchun board uses an adhesive without formaldehyde in the manufacturing process, that is, it does not add formaldehyde or decompose formaldehyde, which ensures the environmental protection performance of the substrate

the best way to reduce the harm of formaldehyde in home decoration is not to spend how much money to buy detectors or go to authoritative institutions for testing, but to strictly control the quality from the source: avoid excessive decoration, identify well-known brands, and reserve reasonable ventilation time, which is the most time-saving, labor-saving and money-saving method to drive away formaldehyde




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