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Polycom conference helps Yinzhou bank video conference project background Yinzhou Bank (full name Yinzhou Rural Cooperative Bank) is the first rural cooperative bank in China. Its predecessor is the 52 rural credit cooperatives in Yinzhou, which were born in the 1950s. For half a century, the bank has been actively engaged in the management system reform of rural credit cooperatives and has always been at the forefront of China's rural financial reform

status quo

Yinzhou bank deployed Polycom video conference system. The meeting needs to be scheduled and held in a specific meeting room. The meeting needs to be set up by professional technicians in advance, which wastes a lot of human resources. At the same time, the user's video conference system is upgraded from SD to HD. The user hopes to avoid the echo, howling and other sound problems that often occur in the video conference room through some equipment


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realize the leaders' video conference anytime and anywhere to avoid the cost of personnel

avoid echo, howling and other sound problems that often occur in the video conference room


as the general agent of Polycom audio products in China, Zhizhen Xintong provides users with professional solutions. We deployed a visual communication service platform and an intelligent soundstructure C8 at the headquarters of Yinzhou bank; And deploy visual terminals (vvx 1500 and vvx 500) on the leadership desktop. Leaders can set up meetings independently through their own desktop visual terminal, and truly realize meetings anytime, anywhere. At the same time, the deployment of intelligent Liyin processor can prevent echo, howling, noise, etc. in the video conference room. He expressed the hope to replace the metal and glass sound problems on the car with resin

function implementation

1 Leaders of Yinzhou bank can participate in the video conference in the office

2 The visual terminal replaced kongliuan, President of Henan University of science and technology, and other people to attend the meeting on behalf of the original analog phone, simplifying the leadership desktop

gross profit margin of more than 13%3 It is simple and convenient to realize camera linkage, and video conference images follow the speech leaders, so as to improve work efficiency

4 Perfect prevention of echo, howling and noise

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