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With "policy + service" to help enterprises ride the wind and waves release date: Source: Jiangmen

entering the newly put into production workshop of Jiangmen Huajin metal products Co., Ltd., what we see is a hot scene: with the roar of machines, workers are skilled in operating various machines. On the high-speed production line, cold-rolled steel plates are rolled off the production line one after another, and the daily output can reach more than 2000 tons at the highest

the booming scene in front of us is the epitome of the resumption of work and production of the real economy in Xinhui District. Recently, following the theme of "six stabilities and six guarantees · in-depth travel" in Xinhui District, the wind collecting group went to various towns (streets) and major enterprises in Xinhui District to personally experience the "acceleration" of Xinhui's economic stabilization and recovery: the production capacity of Weida paper (China) Co., Ltd. increased by 14% year-on-year in the second quarter of this year; In the first half of this year, the revenue of Guangdong CJ Dachang Frozen Food Co., Ltd. increased by 20% year-on-year...

focused on the goals of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees", and the "giant ship" of Xinhui has set sail again, running out of the "acceleration" of development

the revenue of some enterprises set sail bucked the trend

"affected by the epidemic, the company lost a lot of production capacity in February and March, but now it has fully resumed production. The production capacity in the second quarter of this year increased by 14% compared with the same period last year." On August 6, Zhang Jian, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Weida paper (China) Co., Ltd., delivered the good news of the stabilization and recovery of the company's production capacity to Caifeng group at the Donghou factory of Xinhui, Jiangmen, Weida paper

it is understood that the effect of "epidemic" of Vader paper industry war is not only the rapid recovery of production capacity. On February 28 this year, with the efficient cooperation of Jiangmen municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, Xinhui District Bureau of science, industry and commerce, Xinhui District market supervision and Administration Bureau and other government departments, Vader paper successfully broke through the core technical difficulties in the supply of functional materials such as process technology, production equipment and material printing, obtained the emergency Filing Certificate for the production and operation of class II medical devices, and began the "cross-border" production of masks. At present, the masks produced by the company have been successfully certified by the European Union

"we are full of confidence in the future development, and we expect to continue to maintain positive growth this year." Zhang Jian said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, people's awareness of hygiene and health has been further enhanced, and there will be an increasing demand for cleaning and disinfection products such as paper towels

Vader paper is not the only representative of the stabilization and recovery of Xinhui's real economy. Recently, I visited Guangdong CJ Dachang Frozen Food Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Huajin metal products Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Qiaoyu Paper Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises of different types. They all achieved contrarian growth:

the quick-frozen dumplings, seafood cakes and other products produced by Guangdong CJ Dachang Frozen Food Co., Ltd. achieved record sales this year, with a year-on-year increase in revenue of 20% in the first half of the year, The company specially raised the annual production target from 8060 tons at the beginning of the year to 9600 tons

in recent years, the cold rolled coil project of Jiangmen Huajin metal products Co., Ltd. located in Gujing town was officially put into operation on June 6 this year. The maximum output of cold rolled coil reached more than 2000 tons per day, and the expected production target has been achieved

Jiangmen Qiaoyu Paper Co., Ltd., located in Yamen Town, mainly produces high-strength corrugated paper. The production and sales of the company have returned to normal since the second quarter of this year. At present, the production capacity and sales have entered a rising period

encouragement to stabilize the helm

optimizing services to enhance enterprise confidence

behind the growth of enterprises against the trend is the encouragement of Xinhui District Party committee and district government to stabilize the helm

"at the early stage of epidemic prevention and control, we were confused because we had no experience." The factory of Guangdong CJ Dachang Frozen Food Co., Ltd. is located in Xinhui economic development zone. It mainly produces quick-frozen dumplings, seafood cakes, sweetheart cakes and other products. In the face of the sudden epidemic, Ju Chou Ho, the relevant person in charge of the company, frankly said that he was a little confused at the beginning, "In the early stage of epidemic prevention and control, people went out to eat less, and dumplings and other products became popular. On the one hand, we hope to return to work as soon as possible, on the other hand, we are worried about the emergence of loopholes in epidemic prevention and control."

the worries and troubles of enterprises are regarded by the government as the total injection weight (all cavities. In order to help the enterprise tide over the difficulties, the Xinhui District Party committee, the district government and various functional departments stepped forward and set up a special work group to bring the relevant heads of various functional departments and enterprises into the group, timely released the latest prevention and control guidelines and relevant prevention and control measures, and successfully helped the enterprise stabilize its position.

Ju Chou Ho said that Guangdong CJ Dachang Frozen Food Co., Ltd. could not return to work and production successfully on February 10 without High quality service provided by the local Party committee and government of Xinhui

the services provided by the Xinhui District Party committee, the Xinhui District government and various functional departments are far more than that. Since February this year, Xinhui District has launched a series of measures to warm up enterprises:

several measures for Xinhui District to respond to the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia and support enterprises to return to work and production were issued. Real money and silver reduced the costs of enterprise operation and financing, and supported enterprises to fully resume production and operation

organize inter provincial special trains and vehicles to help employees return to their posts in an orderly manner by stages and batches, so as to solve the problem of insufficient manpower faced by enterprises when they return to work and production

launch a new batch of reward cashing in the "golden ten" of Xinhui to help and encourage enterprises to survive the economic winter and recover their vitality


the development and Reform Bureau of Xinhui District, the Bureau of science, industry and commerce, the Bureau of natural resources, the market supervision and administration and other functional departments have also introduced various measures to help enterprises return to work and production in combination with their actual work. Jiangmen Huajin metal products Co., Ltd. is one of the beneficiaries

xieguanming, executive deputy general manager of Jiangmen Huajin metal products Co., Ltd., recalled that after the completion of the cold rolling coil production line project in Gujing Town, the company needs to cancel the mortgage of the project under construction and apply for the real estate certificate before it can be successfully put into production, "The natural resources bureau of Xinhui District has specially opened a 'green channel' for us, coordinated various functional departments, and successfully helped us apply for the real estate certificate in the shortest time, laying a foundation for our smooth production."

government departments took the initiative to optimize services, helped enterprises stabilize their footing during the epidemic prevention and control period, and also enhanced their confidence in further development. In the first half of this year, with the support of major enterprises, Xinhui District ranked among the best in a number of major economic indicators in Jiangmen, further consolidating the foundation for doing a good job in the "six stabilities" and implementing the "six guarantees"

ride the wind and waves

enterprises take the initiative to turn danger into opportunity

behind the stabilization and recovery of the real economy, enterprises are also inseparable from the market main body. In the face of the sudden COVID-19, Xinhui enterprises chose to take the initiative to deal with the negative impact of the epidemic

"at the beginning of this year, our new project entered the equipment commissioning stage. During the commissioning process, we encountered a problem: one equipment was produced in Wuhan. Affected by the epidemic, it was difficult to transport it from Wuhan in time." Xieguanming said that the epidemic situation disrupted the pace of their project promotion. "Passive waiting will certainly slow down the progress of the project, because we decided to carry out remote debugging, and finally successfully completed the equipment debugging through computer remote data update and foreign data import."

the impact of the epidemic is far beyond equipment commissioning, and its impact covers all links of production and sales. For example, the "housing economy" further gave birth to the rise of new consumption patterns such as simple imitation, copying of physical goods, live selling, etc. In the face of these new changes, Xinhui enterprises also take the initiative to adjust their sales strategies

Vida paper is a typical example

"if you want to buy household paper, you can take a look at our No. 1 link. Our paper is made of 100% native pulp wood, with three layers of thickening, which is not easy to break in wet water." At 7:00 p.m. on August 10, the Taobao Live Room of tmall Vista's official flagship store started broadcasting on time, attracting many buyers to "chop their hands"

Zhang Jian told that affected by the epidemic, people's travel modes and health habits have changed, and there have also been great changes in the product sales model and product demand. "We have adapted to this change in a timely manner, not only developed and launched many new products, but also invited stars' big guys' to carry out live broadcast and bring goods, and set up our own live broadcast team."

this adjustment of Vader achieved rapid results. In the first half of this year, the proportion of e-commerce sales of Vader increased to 30%, an increase of 3 percentage points over the 27% in the same period last year

Guangdong CJ Dachang Frozen Food Co., Ltd. also increased e-commerce sales this year. "This year, in addition to continuing to sell on, and other platforms, we also began to try a new form of live delivery. In June, the quick-frozen dumplings produced by our company ranked first in the category of quick-frozen dumplings." Ju Chou Ho said that the epidemic was a crisis for enterprises, but they finally turned the crisis into an opportunity through the help of the government and their own efforts. "This year, our dumpling sales continued to rise, and the peak production period was about two months ahead of previous years."

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