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The policy of prohibiting the import of used auto parts is expected to be liberalized

in order to promote the development of domestic auto parts remanufacturing industry, the national policy of prohibiting the import of used auto parts is expected to be loosened. On April 11, at the circular economy development division of the Department of resource conservation and environmental protection of the national development and Reform Commission, Cai also had the advantage of being adjacent to Hong Kong. He visited Dr. liuwenqiang, who had just returned from the study of remanufacture in the United Kingdom and the United States

"will China liberalize the import of waste auto parts in the future?" When asked about this issue that many auto parts remanufacturing enterprises are generally concerned about, Liuwenqiang said: "It's possible.

this policy mainly involves the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of customs, not within the authority of the national development and Reform Commission. Officials from the Ministry of Commerce and other departments who visited this time believed that in the long run, liberalizing the import of some used auto parts would still help promote the development of domestic auto remanufacturing industry. However, the work to be done now is to deal with the contradictions and negative effects on the market after the liberalization of the policy 。”

"for the development of remanufacturing industry in Britain and the United States, the main management approach is to clear away obstacles for the development of this industry." Liuwenqiang said that this time, they not only investigated the actual operation of auto parts remanufacturing enterprises in the two countries, but also communicated with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the local parts remanufacturing association to understand that the other side often has a greater impact on the peak and valley values (especially the valley values) due to the difference between the indicated value and the return value, and the management method for this industry. The remanufacturing industry has advantages over the manufacturing industry in cost competition, so the government does not provide additional incentives in terms of capital and tax. The main work of the government is to clear the obstacles to the development of the industry and protect the rights and interests of consumers, such as realizing the free circulation of cores and low-cost circulation

it is understood that more than half of the auto parts in the United States are remanufactured products, but this does not mean that the product quality will be affected. Remanufactured products in the United States are regarded as new products in terms of quality. There are also clear provisions in terms of quality assurance and after-sales service commitments, which are generally equal to or even higher than new products. The government also requires that remanufactured products must have special marks for consumers to identify

liuwenqiang said that at present, the main difficulties in promoting the development of automobile parts remanufacture are not only the existing policies and regulations, but also the lack of understanding of remanufactured products, which is also the main reason for the difficulty in promoting remanufactured products. The remanufacturing of auto parts needs a certain output to show its scale benefits. Therefore, the source of a large number of core parts is the main bottleneck restricting the development of this industry. He said that in this regard, large vehicle enterprises should play a role, such as recycling cores through 4S stores

as for how to make consumers accept remanufactured products, liuwenqiang believes that the practice of SINOTRUK is worth promoting. In the after-sales service of heavy duty truck, when the customer's vehicle runs to 300000 km, the user can exchange the cost price of the engine for a remanufactured engine, make a commitment to the quality and maintenance of the engine, and let the user continue to experiment and approve the remanufactured products through actual use

it is understood that in order to promote the remanufacture of auto parts, the national development and Reform Commission will focus on two aspects this year, one is to determine the pilot enterprises for the remanufacture of auto parts, and the other is to issue the first draft of the management measures for the remanufacture of auto parts

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