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Wugong 1: the set up of hairy disease food bags in the serial port will go to the market

recently, a kind of plastic bag printed with the words and signs of "pollution-free sanitary food special bag" has "appeared" in some supermarkets, pastry processing sites, guaguaguapi snack stalls and other business places in Maiji District. It is understood that at the beginning of next year, the relevant departments will comprehensively promote this special plastic in the catering industry in the region Replace the hydraulic oil bag regularly to replace all kinds of food packaging bags on the market

as a food packaging material, plastic bags are closely related to people's daily life. According to a survey conducted by the Maiji branch of the Municipal Health Supervision Institute, the daily consumption of food packaging plastic bags in Maiji district alone is more than 100000. During the visit, it was also found that the abuse and misuse of plastic bags can be found everywhere in life. At a comprehensive market at the west entrance of the original green market, I saw that some small noodle vendors used red or green plastic bags to pack noodles for customers coming; At the north entrance of Xitong flower and bird market, a cake vendor used wrapping paper to put the newly baked cakes into a red plastic bag and handed it to the cake buyer. According to relevant personnel, these plastic bags are "toxic" bags made of recycled plastic

recently, the Maiji Office of the Municipal Health Supervision Office inspected the special food bags sold by the four plastic bag wholesale outlets such as Weibin market in Maiji District, and found that none of the four wholesale outlets could provide the production license, health license and quality inspection report of the manufacturer of special food bags, and most of the goods came from small workshops in Qin'an, Lanzhou and Xi'an, and the materials used were also secondary recycled materials, Contains a variety of toxic ingredients

at the fifth session of the CPPCC in Maiji district this year, some CPPCC members called for "standardizing the use of plastic bags and ensuring the health of the people". In order to implement this proposal, the Municipal Health Supervision Institute Mai Jisuo contacted plastic product manufacturers extensively. After screening, a manufacturer with qualified qualification and product quality meeting food hygiene requirements was finally determined as the designated manufacturer of "pollution-free sanitary food special bags". According to the person in charge of the factory, the so-called pollution-free sanitary food plastic bag refers to a non-toxic, harmless, environmental friendly and degradable food bag made of pure polyethylene. At present, in big cities, the price of each one is between 0.03 yuan and 2.00 yuan according to different specifications. In order to make the market accept this kind of plastic bag, during the promotion period, the manufacturer implemented low-cost breakeven sales. At present, the average daily sales volume in the market has reached 20000. In Qianjin South Road, Maiji District, a shopkeeper who manages the flavor fried dough twist told him that after the fried dough twist store opened in late November this year, he chose this pollution-free food bag for automatic data processing, storage of processing results and printing of experimental reports. The average daily consumption was about 2000. Packaging food with this kind of food bag was very popular with consumers

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